Mr. Arthur Evelyn has been a long-standing servant of the people in many area of his life.  Born in Butlers Village Nevis, Mr. Evelyn lived during a time the socio-economic conditions were drastically different to what they are today and opportunities for upward mobility were not as readily available. However, through discipline and dint of dedication, he would rise to become one of Nevis most cherished and beloved sons.

Mr. Evelyn ahs served the business community for any years as a registered pharmacist and opened his drug store in 1946 which eventually grew to become the premier pharmaceutical institution to service the healthcare needs of numerous Nevisians.  Although Mr. Evelyn evolved into an established businessman with fairly sound financial footing, he was not content with everything around him.  There were certain social ills that caught his attention, and which eventually lead him to ascend to a greater calling- that of public life.  Mr. Evelyn was very concerned about the inadequacy of critical services and therefore pushed for a platform to address these issues.

In 1967, when the Nevis Local Council was established, Mr. Evelyn was elected as its first Chairman and sought to bring about improvements to the basic infrastructure of the Island

(water, roads, sanitation, electricity).  When the Nevis Island Administration was officially inaugurated in 1983, then Premier, Dr. Simeon Daniel, now the Rt. Excellent Sir Simeon Daniel appointed Mr. Evelyn the first Minister Ok Agriculture, Lands Housing, Labour and Tourism (1983- 1987).  Under Mr. Evelyn’s guidance, the first land reform program in Nevis was implemented which enabled many Nevisians to own “a piece of the rock”.  The Nevis Lands and Housing Development Corporation was also established to oversee the distribution of land to Nevisians and extensive infrastructure was put in place to boost agriculture and service farmers throughout the island.

Mr. Evelyn has also served extensively in community life, having been a founding member of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club, and active contributor and member of the Mental Health Association, Culturama, The Lions Club, The Blind Light, and Visually Impaired Society and the St. Paul Anglican church vestry.  To be sure, Mr. Arthur Evelyn is a humble and honest individual and the hallmark of his time on this earth has been one of sincerity of service to Nevisians.

MR ARTHUR EVELYN is therefore presented with the Award of the Star of Merit for Long and Meritorious Service to our Nation.