Mrs. Olvis nee Jeffers began her teaching career at the Charlestown girls school in 1957 at the age of 16.  Her tenure there last 17 years.  In 1967, she married James Dyer.

She was then transferred to the Charlestown Secondary Remedials.  She left that undertaking to attend College in St. Kitts for two years.  She was promoted to serve as Head Teacher of the Gingerland Primary School now the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School.  She continued there for four years until her retirement as a school principal in 1997 after a forty-one-year teaching career.

Mrs. Dyer was also a Sunday School Teacher I the Mount Lily and Fountain areas, riding her bicycle from Jessup to Fountain and down to Mount Lily every Sunday afternoon.  When her roll reached 40, Pastor Martin decided to start a Church.   Therefore, after Sunday School Mrs. Dyer would combine the Sunday School with the congregation and have open air services.  The Fountain New Testament Church from its dedication in 1968 and is now in its 49th year.

Mrs.  Dyer has also served as Vice President of the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union and as Commissioner of the Nevis Girl Guides.

MRS. OLVIS MAGDALENE DYER is therefore presented wit the Medal of Honor for Outstanding and Meritorious service.